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  1. Registration of Vessels
    1. Registration of Mechanised Vessels
      1. Before construction of a vessel under Inland Vessels Act, 1917 the applicant has to inform the department indicating the intention to construct the vessel, keel laying date and other details of the vessels.
      2. The applicant has to submit the drawings of the vessels for approvals on payment of fees.
      3. The applicant has to submit has to submit declaration of ownership duly notarized.
      4. After examining the request applicant is issued forms for registration of vessels viz. Form No. I, Survey Form No. II,  Form No.IV and Form No.15 (Noticed to name proposed for vessel).
      5. On payment of required fees, permission is given to construct the vessel and during the construction stage wise inspections/surveys are carried out.
      6. On completion of construction if the vessel is found sea worthy, N.O.C. to ply the vessel is issued on payment of further regular fees/taxes and other compliances as applicable from time to time.
    2. Registration of Non-Mechanised Vessels
      1. The applicant has to make formal application for Licence to this Department, alongwith declaration of ownership duly notarized.
      2. The vessel is inspected and licence issued on payment of licence fees. The licence fees can be paid (i) for lifetime i.e., for 15 years or (ii) annually.
  2. Endorsement of Certificate of Competency
    Holder of the Certificate of Competency of other states or the proposing Company has to make a formal application alongwith prescribed documents such as the Certificate
    of Competency, Birth Certificate, Sea time Service in Inland Waters of Goa, Maritime School Course Certificate and pay required fees. On scrutiny of the application the
    candidate is examined and if found fit the endorsement of the Certificate of Competency is issued, valid upto a period of one year.
  3. Issue of Certificate of Competency
    Certificates of Competency for Serang, 2nd/1st Class Master, 1st/2nd Class Engine Driver and Inland Engineer are issued by this department. The Candidates have to fill the necessary application form for the same, attach required documents and pay prescribed fees. Thereafter he has to undergo a medical fitness and eye test with the Medical Board and is examined and if found fit, is issued the Letter of Authority till the time the Certificate of Competency is ready for issue.

  4.Extension of Survey Certificate
      The vessel owner has to submit the formal application and attach the Survey Certificate (in duplicate). On payment of fees, inspection/survey is carried out and endorsement
      of extension is made on Survey Certificates. 

  1. Extension of No Objection letters for fishing stakes:
    NOC for fishing stake is issued to the Directorate of Fisheries based on their application received, from the navigational safety point of view.
  2. Supply of Hydrographic Charts
    Charts are issued to the members of general public on request and payment of necessary fees.
  3. Matter connected with illegal occupation of Government Riverine Land
    If the Government Riverine Land is found occupied illegally the person concerned is served with notice and then the legal proceeding starts.
  4. Issue of permission to use Government Jetties/Riverine Land
    Permission is issued to use jetties and government riverine land as and when required by vessels and public on payment of necessary fees.
  5. Clearing of Inward/Outward of ships at Panaji Outer Harbour Port
    The master or agents are required to fill prescribed forms for inward/outward clearances of ships calling at Panaji Port outer anchorage. Validity of the ships documents and clearances issued by other authorities are verified and clearance is granted by the department on payment of requisite fees.
  6. Issue/Renewal of NOC's to small Boats (Passengers, Parasailing and Jetskiis) to operate on beaches of Goa for watersport activities.
    1. Applying for New NOCs to ply boats on beaches
      1. Application for issue of NOC in form No.1 duly filled in all respect.
      2. Form No 15 duly filled in.
      3. Builders Certificate/Certificate of origin from the manufacturer.
      4. Engine Invoice/Certificate of origin from the manufacturer.
      5. Custom clearance/transport details if vessel/engine imported from other country/state.
      6. Memorandum and articles of association & certificate of incorporation if applying on company's name.
      7. Details of shareholders i.e. passport, visa, etc.
      8. Plans/specifications of the vessel.
      9. Valid operator's certificate.
      10. Valid insurance policies of Hull, machinery, passengers & crew.
      11. Payment of inspection fees/Issues of NOC fees.
    2. Renewal of NOCs
      1. Application along with original NOC issued during the previous season.
      2. Payment of Inspection fee by challan.
      3. Take the appointment of Captain of Ports/Dy. Captain of Ports for inspection of boat/jetskii.
      4. After inspection submit valid insurance policies of Hull, machinery, passengers & crew.
      5. Submit valid operator's certificate.
      6. Payment of issue of NOC fees.

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